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"Major Tennant volunteered to become the principle Intelligence Officer in 30 Commando (Information Exploitation) Group.  To date he has displayed exceptional determination and innovation to provide accurate and timely intelligence supportto 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines and the wider Response Force Task Group.  Under his leadership, the Intelligence Cell has proven consistently deft at meeting the information requirements of two Commanders to allow them to make better informed decisions.  He has performed superbly throughout.

Tennant launched himself into the development of 30 Commandos Intelligence Cell, the by-product of which has been to reinforce the Units reputation as a class-leading and trusted brand in Defence Intelligence circles.  A collaborative working evangelist and possessing boundless enthusiasm, he has invested significant energy and time to develop a more federated approach to the management of information requirements.  Through his personal drive and efforts to ensure greater coherence, he has championed the concept of 'persistent passive collect' as a shared means to better service the Defence Intelligence Priorities List.  His breadth and depth of engagement across all Services has allowed the weaving of 3 Cdo Bde's requirements into those more typically managed at the strategic level.  Building upon the strengths of relationships he has fostered within the Joint Forces Intelligence Group, he has worked tirelessly to integrate Joint Enablers from across Defence's Intelligence organisations.  Consequently, his Intelligence Cell arguably enjoys the strongest ties of any tactical organisation in Defence to the Joint Intelligence Operations Centre.

In concert with his push for a more coherent approach to Information Requirements Management (IRM), he has energetically pursued excellence withinhis own team.  Self-sacrificing, he has developed Brigade-wide intelligence training packages, enhanced the utilitry of the intelligence estimate process and driven the increasing use of 30 Cdo's Intelligence Collection Plan; a plan that has seen broad employment as the IRM construct for exercises and operations.  He has contributed in the development of the UK's contingency-focussed J2 construct and was UK lead for the writing of NATO Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) doctrine.  He has conducted this activity while simultaneously supporting a typically busy Brigade programme, including a NATO ISR trial, a 3 month Naval Deployment to the Gulf and numerous short term Training Teams.  For the outputs and benefits he has singularly and collaboratively been responcible for, both in the Naval Service and among the wider Defence J2 Community, Tennant is deservedly awarded a Fleet Commander's Commendation."

Vice Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB

20 November 2015